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Love em. So many comments!! Shoes, Trump/Pence collar on my dog When we walk….MAGA cap!! No doubt which side of the aisle we walk!

Kirstin Everton

Love how they feel and look. Lots of compliments!

Mike Lloyd

I absolutely love my Trump shoes. I get more thumbs up and high-fives for them than any other piece of clothing I have owned. And they’re comfortable!

Andy Guscott

Great product! Not only do they look outstanding, but they have held up against any condition quite well. Would reccomend.

Jane Bit

Everybody was very excited and said they didn’t know Trump shoes existed and wanted to know where I got them. I have them on every chance I get. It made people feel good someone is not afraid to stand for what’s right. I love my shoes recommend everyone to buy them.(I will buy again, soon).

Loyd Washington

These shoes are very comfortable and very breathable like they said. The shoes are very light and stretchy. I bought these not knowing much about the website besides a friend recommending them to me and because they look badass.
10/10 would recommend to anyone!

Brigit Guscott